J-Plasma Skin Tightening by Renuvion DoctorDr. Kornstein – A National Opinion Leader & Educator of Surgeons Offers a 15% Educational Discount To Patients

Dr. Kornstein is an educational instructor for Bovie Medical Corporation.  He teaches surgeons from around the country the best techniques and practices for J-Plasma Skin Tightening by Renuvion. He will invite a surgeon to observe the live procedure, while verbally detailing what he’s looking for, observing and the technique he’s going to use for the best and most desired outcome of the patient.

If you are willing to allow a student surgeon to observe Dr. Kornstein during the procedure, you may be given a 15% discount on your procedure. Schedule a consultation, or call for more information. Some restrictions may apply.

At no time during the procedure will a student surgeon ever touch you or an instrument.  The teaching solely of observing and hearing Dr. Kornstein talk and answer questions during the procedure.