J-Plasma® Skin Tightening by Renuvion® New York & Connecticut – Dr. Kornstein is a pioneer in the use of Jplasma® for body contouring. He is Apyx Medical’s body expert, researcher and an instructor.

“Recognizing beauty when one sees it in the operating room is critical to creating beauty.” – AK

Only a surgeon who knows anatomy, (‘beauty is more than skin deep”) understands how we age, and therefore understands how to reverse it. This is vital to delivering well balanced aesthetics with anti-aging.” – AK

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J-Plasma Skin Tightening by Renuvion New York & Connecticut Offices

J-Plasma® represents a paradigm shift in plastic surgery.  Originally FDA approved for intra-abdominal use, J-Plasma® requires only a liposuction-sized entry incision to tighten the skin’s supporting ligaments (pulling the skin closer to the underlying muscle) utilizing a unique helium gas plasma technology.  It’s mechanism of action and safety margin are unlike any other technology on the market today.

J-Plasma’s®  breakthrough helium plasma technology – used as one would use a liposuction cannula – can effectively and reliably contour skin.  Although Coolsculpting® represents a sometimes successful non-surgical modality for fat reduction, it in no way compares to the artistic sculpting ability of a well performed lipoplasty.  Similarly J-Plasma® is able to sculpt skin better, more effectively and predictably than other noninvasive device.

Simply stated, Dr. Kornstein’s career has been one of true cutting edge innovation as documented by his peer reviewed publications and text book chapters. With regard to J-Plasma® he is one of only two physicians in the United States who first used J-Plasma for skin tightening and shrinkage. He is an acknowledged innovator for body applications; he works closely with Apyx Medical to understand, describe, utilize and disseminate this ground breaking technology.  Dr. Kornstein maintains a close working relationship with the Company to refine treatment standards and is presently (2020) one of two national study centers for their restoration of “Elasticity Study.”

Dr. Kornstein formerly practiced on the famed Museum Mile on Fifth Avenue for twenty years but now consults and operates with offices in Greenwich and Wilton Connecticut.

  • It is a safe and FDA approved for intraabdominal surgery since 2013.
  • Recently J-Plasma® was surreptitiously discovered to shrink skin; many discoveries in medicine have been surreptitiously discovered, such as Penicillin.
  • Kornstein continues to work intimately with the company to elucidate the science behind the technology and optimize its clinical efficacy. J-Plasma® is an especially safe modality.  The plasma gas has the ability to not damage delicate intraabdominal organs.  All other available modalities, including Laser liposuction, Body Tite, etc. rely on heat, therefore must closely and rigorously monitor temperatures to avoid skin irregularities and burns.  Clinically, they also do not allow for free form sculpting as J-Plasma® does.
  • Clinically, J-Plasma® tightens deep ligament support of the skin bringing the skin toward the underlying muscle, and thus providing for anti-gravity protection. Pre-clinical research indicates that the plasma gas kills bacteria, cancer cells, and increases vascularity. The results should be long standing.
  • It can be used in conjunction with lipoplasty for volume reduction and fat sculpting.
  • It can be performed under local anesthesia with Pronox® (laughing gas) for one or two areas or multiple areas under anesthesia.

Dr. Kornstein is one of only two physicians in the United States who first used J-Plasma for skin tightening and shrinkage; he is its recognized innovator for body applications. 



Dr. Kornstein has always pushed the limits of technology and technique in medicine.


Dr. Kornstein sits on the advisory panel for several medical device companies.


Dr. Kornstein is consulted by physicians nationwide for his innovative approach to skin tightening.


Dr. Kornstein works intimately with the company to elucidate the science behind the technology and optimize its clinical efficacy.

J-Plasma Skin Tightening by Renuvion Surgeon
“Perfectionism is in the details… but aesthetics and innovations are innate”

– Dr. Andrew Kornstein M.D.


Skin Tightening Is a Reality With Dr. Andrew Kornsteins Revolutionary Approach

J-Plasma Most Responsive Body Areas

  • Arms
  • Lax and hanging skin; a common issue in weight loss or peri-menopausal woman; minimal incision brachioplasty (limiting the scar to the armpit) was our previous best answer.
  • Axillary
  • (armpit) skin—extra skin around shirts and bras
  • Breast
  • Elevation and shaping, especially in conjunction with Dr. Kornstein’s suture lift
  • Back Rolls
  • Around bra strap; this is the thickest skin in the body and has been unresponsive to Ultherapy®.
  • Hip Rolls.
  • Above buttock; flattens muffin tops
  • Abdomen
  • Supplants some abdominoplasties; adjunct to reverse abdominoplasties and limits incision required for muscle tightening.
  • Buttock
  • Elevation and shaping without filler or visible incisions.
  • Legs
  • Generalized tightening
  • Knees
  • Shaping, especially in those non-responsive to Ultherapy®; typically, due to descent of the thigh skin to the knee.
  • Calves and Ankles
  • Contouring and tightening the skin, reducing the healing time and enhancing contour.

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Dr. Kornstein is a published surgeon, scholar and educator.